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Thanks from Natalie

Good Morning Everyone!

Thanks to those who came out for my last PiYo Classes at Yoga Joy! It's been such a pleasure getting to know all of you, over this past year! I'm excited to see PiYo continuing to grow in our community :) For those who weren't able to make it out to a class, be sure to check out Kathy's class! PiYo is a workout that can be done my anyone. Every move can be modified, and done at your own pace. I guarantee when you leave class, you'll be feeling restored!

Have a great weekend :)

I'm always just a phone call, e-mail, or message away! Never hesitate to contact me if anyone needs some motivation and/or inspiration to work on their health goals.

Make 2015 YOUR YEAR!

P.S.- Kathy you are going to do AWESOME!

Be Healthy. Be Happy.


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