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This past week my husband and dogs and myself were able to spend a few days in a cabin in beautiful Fairhaven, New York. I wanted to thank Barbara, Elly, Tim and Ron for making this possible as they all so magnificently managed the studio classes.

As you all know, music is a staple in my classes and some of you have requested a playlist. The following is the most recent list of my faves:

1. Angel’s Prayer Ty Burhoe, Krishna Das (Invocation) 2. Closing Prayers Bhagavan Das (Love Songs to the Dark Lord) 3. Dancing Shiva Sacred Earth (Divine Devotion) 4. Four Lean Hounds Justin Rutledge (Valleyheart) 5. Gayatri Mantra Indiajiva (Sacred Ragas) 6. The Goddess Suite Mother Song Krishna Das (Pilgrim Heart) 7. Guru Brahma Shaman’s Dream Project (Kerala Dream) 8. Harvest Moon Neil Young (Neil Young:Greatest Hits) 9. Hridaya Wade Imre Morissette (Yogamusicflows, Vol. 1) 10. Long Time Sun Will Blunderfiled (Hallelujah) 11. Lullaby Leonard Cohen (Old Ideas) 12. Mother and Child Reunion Paul Simon (The Essential Paul Simon) 13. One Love Bob Marley (Exodus – Remastered) 14. Sanctus Ashana (Jewels of Silence) 15. Sail to The Moon Radiohead (Hail to the Thief) 16. She’s Only Happy In The Sun Ben Harper (Diamonds on the Inside) 17. Surrender Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits (10 Million Moons) 18. Thou Art The Lover Gurunam Singh (The Journey Home) 19. Tibetan Tantra Tara Mantra Subway Bhaktis (Sita Ram) 20. Times Like These Jack Johnson (On and On) 21. The Valley K.D. Land (Hymns of the 49th Parallel) 22. Wild Country Wake Owl (Wild Country EP)

These are all available on i-Tunes!

This morning I read an excerpt from Pema Chodran’s 1997 book When Things Fall Apart and some of you requested a copy of this quote so here goes:

“Well-being of body is like a mountain. A lot happens on a mountain. It hails, and the wind comes up, and it rains and snows. The sun gets very hot, clouds cross over, animals shit and piss on the mountain, and so do people. People leave their trash, and other people clean it up. Many things come and go on this mountain, but it just sits there. When we have seen ourselves completely, there is a stillness of body that is like a mountain.”

I so love this…….

Once again, I am so thankful for all of your support and presence at 395 Derby Road.

Om Shanti, Joyce

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