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Holiday Greetings

Greetings from Yoga Joy: We are almost at the end of 2016 and I wish to thank you for contributing to a another successful and stimulating year at our little studio. Your dedication and discipline continue to inspire me to evolve in my own practice and I am very grateful for that. It is not always "easy" to practice in these busy times, especially during the holidays. Do what you can. Here is our schedule for the Christmas season starting on Christmas Eve: Saturday, December 24 Closed Sunday, December 25 Closed Monday, December 26 Closed Tuesday, December 27 5:00 Hatha I Wednesday, December 28 9:30 Hatha I Thursday, December 29 5:00 Restore Friday, December 30 9:30 Hatha I Saturday, December 31 Closed Sunday, January 1 Closed Monday, January 2 9:30 Hatha I SPECIAL CLASS - DECEMBER 21 7 to 8 pm To celebrate the Winter Solstice we are having a Gentle Hatha/Restorative/Meditation Class. Please bring a donation of dry food or cash with all proceeds to go to the local food bank. Thank you for your donations to the Shoebox Project. The deadline for pickup at the shop is December 18. For details on this program please go to To Barbara, Elly, Ashley, Kathy, Kayla and Janet: Thank you for guiding our classes. I could not do this without you. Finally, a wish to all for good health, peace, and love for 2017. May all be happy. Om Shanti, Joyce

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