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December Musings

I hope this finds you well and dreaming of a white Christmas!

This past week the house doctor on CBC Radio reminded us that it is flu season and that perhaps it would be wise to avoid too close contact and that bumping fists would be better than shaking hands. (He forgot to mention that a regular yoga practice helps to strengthen the immune system)!

Today I hauled the tree stand from the basement, washed it and am moving it around the room trying to decide where to place it this year. It is pretty and bright red and it weighs a ton. It will be around for many years to come... it just needs a tree.

The studio will be closed from Wednesday, December 24th until Thursday, January 1st. The regular class schedule will resume on Friday, January 2nd. Christmas Edition Gift Certificates are available for yoga classes, private sessions and reflexology. I will be in the studio on December 24th from 10:00 until noon if anyone wishes to drop by to purchase a gift card. There is no tax on gifts. All monthly passes will be extended due to the closure.

So as we all rush through the holiday season please take the time to enjoy this special life. Fill yourself with joy by helping others find happiness. Be fearless and know that all will be well and all will get done in the end.

I am off to get a tree. Merry Christmas yogis! Thank you for your friendship and dedication to practice.

Love and grace,



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